Boredom Breaker Glitter Hamster Ball (18cm)

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A high quality shatter-resistant hamster ball.

This hamster ball takes fun for your hamster to an entirely new level. Your small pet will experience a different view of the world by peering through the transparent plastic from within the ball and you’ll be able to enjoy watching your hamster running around your house seeing all he would not normally on his own.

The Boredom Breaker Glitter Hamster Ball is also great for pets that are aggressive or tend to bite as it will teach them patience as it slows them down and makes them think before they run back & forth.

Boredom Breaker Glitter Hamster Ball (18cm)

Key Features of the Boredom Breaker Glitter Hamster Ball (18cm)

• Has a subtle glitter effect.
• Will provide hours of fun for your hamster.
• Great for fun and exercise.
• Perfect to place your hamster in when cleaning out its cage.

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