Kagesan 8 Sanded Sheets (35cm x 21cm) (Orange)

Cage sand sheets to fit cage 14″ x 8″ (35cm x 21cm)

Kagesan provide a selection of sanded bird cage sheets with different colours and sizes to fit your caged birds needs. The sheets are coated lightly with fine sand, and offer a soft feel which is safe for use around small birds and is suitable for human handling.

Kagesan 8 Sanded Sheets (35cm x 21cm) (Orange)

Key Features of the Kagesan 8 Sanded Sheets (35cm x 21cm) (Orange)

• Easy to replace.
• Provides your bird with a hygienic bird cage flooring.
• Helps to break down beaks and unkempt claws.

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View all Bird Sand Sheets.

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